Windows 10 Version 1809, better known as the October 2018 Update, turned out to be the company’s buggiest release in a long time. And this has significantly affected its uptake.

Or, at least, its early adoption rates.

This has been revealed in the AdDuplex report for December, which shows that the latest version of the operating system has barely reached 6.6% share. And while this means that the OS managed to actually double its share since the previous month, it shows that things are moving slow.

And users are in no hurry to install it.

AdDuplex December 2018

As AdDuplex explains:

“October Update is unique throughout the history of Windows 10 updates. While previous updates inevitably shoot up after a month or two on the market, O18U is still lingering near the zero axis on the chart.”


Windows 10 October 2018 was originally announced on October 2, but Microsoft pulled it only a few days later due to a critical bug that led to the removal of user files stored in libraries.

The update was republished in November, and is currently available for download via Windows Update, as a manual download for all users.

Despite all this, it is very much clear that most users prefer to stick with their current OS version. The plethora of bugs discovered in the update probably convinced many that it is safer to wait than rush to install the version on their main devices.

What this means is that Version 1803 still reigns supreme, and is the number one version of Windows 10 right now. In a comfortable lead, at that, with an 83.6% share. Version 1709 is in third with 5.7%.

To top it off, some 0.2% of users are running Windows 10 19H1 preview builds.

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