Remember all those bug reports that started surfacing soon after the Windows 8.1 Preview officially made its way to the web? Microsoft seems to have done a pretty neat job of ironing most of them out.

The company reportedly collaborated with its hardware partners to make sure that everything (and we are talking about a million different things) worked perfectly out of the box. However, there are some reports that Windows 8.1 is causing some problem for gamers.

Windows 8.1 is suffering from what some users label as terrible mouse lag.

And this occurs in a number of games — from simple classics like Solitaire to modern titles like Call of Duty, Metro 2033 and Deus Ex. One user confirmed this issue on Microsoft’s official support forums:

“I updated my Windows from 8 to 8.1. Installation went fine and everything works…except my mouse in games and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 became unplayable because of mouse stutter & lag. In windows 8 it worked fine. I have roccat kone XTD mouse.

I re-installed all the mouse drivers and even GPU drivers. The problem became after i updated to 8.1. There were absolutely never any issues with Windows 8 and my mouse.”

Now this may either be a bit of a conflict with mice hardware or the DirectX API that powers these games, but expect Microsoft to take a look at this issue straight away.

More details may be heading our way soon, but in the meantime do let us know if you encountered any problem when gaming after installing Windows 8.1, or was it a smooth ride?

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