As the recently released Widows 8.1 Preview is installed on more and more computers the world over, users continue reporting bugs to Microsoft so they can be fixed by the time the RTM version of the operating system goes live.

One of the newest ones making the rounds is that some users are having trouble opening Gmail in the preview version of Internet Explorer 11 that is included with the OS.

A post published on Microsoft’s community forums reveal that some users cannot access Google’s email service after downloading and installing Windows 8.1 Preview.

As one user wrote in a post:

“Every time I send an email or try to do anything in Gmail, I get an ‘IE not working’ message and been asked to close the program. I click ‘close,’ but the page is ‘recovered’ and reloads. If I try to do the same thing again, it keeps giving me the same message.”

This probably seems like an incompatibility issue or some sorts of a mismatch between the new browser and the Gmail service.

And although it is not yet confirmed, but it seems that one of the recent updates released by Microsoft for Windows 8.1 these past few weeks fixes the issue. So if you are having troubling opening up Gmail on your Windows 8.1 Preview device or computer, it is recommended to deploy all patches.

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