Microsoft released a total of eight security bulletins earlier this week as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday updates, but it appears that a couple of them are acting up.

Both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users are reporting some problems, with the latest updates.

The first of the two is the KB2887595 update that fails to install on Windows 8.1 machines, even though everything appears to be fine, from download to deployment. It is only after users reboot their computers that they are provided with an error that says:

“Failure to configure Windows Updates. Undoing changes.”

Users are reporting the problem on Microsoft’s community forums, however it is a fair bit early to tell whether this is a botched update or just a compatibility glitch that is experienced on some PCs.

Redmond, however, is yet to comment on this as of this writing.

The second update that is causing trouble is KB2802618. It is locked up in an installation loop, although this seems exclusive to Windows 8 installations only, and not Windows 8.1.

Again, posts on the company’s official forums confirm that the update is still being offered repeatedly, even though initially the patch appears to have installed fine. Affected users say that they have tried multiple workarounds, with none really working.

However, some are suggesting doing a clean reinstall of Windows 8 as a final workaround.

Needless to say, if you are yet to deploy November’s Patch Tuesday updates, then it is probably best to wait a while before deploying these two fixes, until Microsoft provides more information. Or at least the first one, if you are running Windows 8.1.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    I’ve installed them all already and no problems in the least. I wonder what system some of these folks are using?

    • WillyThePooh

      Mine also have no problem. Both win8 pro and winRT. But I am not adventurer and won’t install some unknown stuffs from internet. That saves me a lot of trouble.

    • Fahad Ali

      Probably got something to do with custom configurations from certain vendors. Microsoft would be trying to pinpoint exactly this right now, to determine whether this is an isolated case or a general one.

      Sure seems like the former from here.