Users Rip Into Windows 8 On Official Microsoft Support Forums

Users Rip Into Windows 8 On Official Microsoft Support Forums

Windows 8 is slowly finding its place on computers the world over, and as expected, comments from angry users are also finding their place on websites, message boards, forums, blogs and other such community channels.

Even Microsoft’s official support forums are not immune to these remarks:

“My elderly parents bought a new computer with Windows 8 pre-loaded and they’re about to throw it out their Window 1.0. They hate it. They hate it and are furious with me for even suggesting they get a newer, faster computer.”

Whoa! This second user however manages to keep the shirt on:

“I don’t know why MS managed to release this without some kind of middle road. I don’t know why you don’t like Windows 7 for me it’s perfect unless you have programs that don’t work well with Win 7. I hope MS will go back to the classic Windows system with Win 9 because I keep hearing rumors that they are going with the new Start Menu style and eventually phase out the desktop?? That’s ridiculous”.

This I can agree with, since Windows 8 is such a radical change when it comes to the user interface. Keep the Metro interface as default, but how about giving (desktop and laptop) users an opportunity to switch back to what made Windows 7 such a success?

Basically, let users take things at their own pace, at least for this first phase.

For desktop users, this total overhaul could probably have been better left for the next version of Windows. Let them taste it first, and then give them a refined option in a future release.

Set the Metro design philosophy (and the Start Screen) aside for one minute, and you will find that there are more than enough improvements in Windows 8 from its predecessors — small things at every corner that you will only notice once you use the new OS for an extended period of time.

Microsoft representatives are yet to respond to the messages, but at least, the company is open and not blocking the discussion completely — a fair few would probably have hit the delete button up by now.

But with the plethora of new Windows 8 devices slated for release this year, a lot of users like the ones above could be in for quite a reckoning.

  • 123321

    …my parents love it.
    they ask me over and over again why Microsoft didnt released sth like win8 years ago… 😀

    • Robert Trance

      hahh, yes, my entire family use it on their machines and with pleasure. This could have been win.7

  • Robert Trance

    It is just too much fuss of short sightened people who cannot pay a bit more attention to details. I don’t get it what is soooooo damn difficult, especially that all your legacy software start (logically) eventually on the desktop….. sigh

  • Zheldon

    It really isn’t that bad. IF you give it a try and remain open minded. I tried one of the release previews, and I expected to hate it. Turns out my son and I grew to really like it. When I bought a new machine I got it with Windows 8.

    If someone has a hard time with change, then this will really be a pain for them.

  • 1stkorean

    Sound like a bunch of cry babies, I love everything about Windows 8

    • Robert Trance

      hahaha, that sums good

  • Ynspektor

    Windows 8 is not for the toy-users.if they want a toy, the should have bought an ipad.

  • People just aren’t willing to try or learning something new. It’s so ridiculous! Read the manual, get used to it and see for yourself that it is far better than you had before.
    And don’t be afraid that the desktop “mode” will go away. It will stay for a very long time. There are too many professional programs that just can’t be converted to a metro app like cad programs, …. (I do however think that Windows will be split into the “casual” metro only thing and the pro version with the desktop mode.)

    • timiteh

      Read the manual ?

      Which one ?

      For gosh this thing doesn’t even come with a proper tutorial.

      I can easily learn a new O.S even radically different from its predecessor but this doesn’t mean that everyone can do the same. And Windows 8 needs great tutorial + great ads to help people learn and get used to this new U.I. Moreover Metro U.I is ugly compared to AERO.

      • WillyThePooh

        How about “Windows 8 for dummy”?

        • timiteh

          I didn’t know that Windows 8 for dummy was built-in in the O.S [/sarcasm]
          Seriously why people would buy a book to learn to use the O.S when Microsoft choose alone to radically change the U.I ?
          Microsoft decided to go this road so it must have provided the means ,for free, to help the user to get used to this new U.I. Especially as most people were already used and quite happy of the previous U.I.

  • timiteh

    Microsoft itself is responsible for this situation as it has been unable to provide choice, despite choice has always been one strength of Microsoft, usefull tutorials and great ads to help people get used to this new U.I. Moreover Metro is close to useless on traditional PC especially desktop and is ugly compared to AERO.
    So if Microsoft really want to help Windows 8, they should provide built-in useful tutorials and give people choices.

  • Nicolas

    I’ve been using Windows 8 for almost a year now since the developer’s preview and I just can’t understand people’s problem with the interface. I am not a mouse user. With windows 8’s metro interface and the app search, with a couple key strokes I can open the metro menu and filter my programs and select the one I want. I’ve been using computers since the 80’s. Windows 8 has one of the best interfaces I’ve had the chance to use. I’ve already EASILY convinced my office colleagues to switch to it. It’s better than Windows 7 in every single way. Just try and LEARN how to use the new interface properly and you won’t look back.

    • gregge

      And that’s the problem. You HAVE TO search, *every time* to do basic tasks. With the Start Menu, anything on the menu can be launched with only two mouse clicks. I have a ton of stuff on my PC, so much that my Start Menu is three columns and my desktop is about 90% full of icons.

      With Windows 8, with Windows 7, with the default Start Menu in Vista, that’s horribly unwieldy. Searching and scrolling (which MS tried to force on users with WinMe), having to hunt for your programs. With the Start Menu it’s one click on the button, zip through the menu with the mouse, second click on the icon. Fast and easy, got it nearly perfect back in 1995, by Win98SE it was perfect.

      Everything Microsoft has come up with to try and replace the speed and ease of Start Menu has involved more keystrokes, clicks, taps, scrolling – more user input, less efficiency.

      • 123321

        “With the Start Menu it’s one click on the button, zip through the menu with the mouse, second click on the icon.”

        with win8 and the start screen it’s only one click away zip and your done. just put the tiles you need most right in front and center.

  • Gregg Moore

    They should have not taken away the start menu button. I like to access my programs and controls that way. Besides. On lower resolution lcds can’t open the metro program buttons .They ugly metro icons won’t work. However there is a work around programs out there. To get your desk top start menu button back. Just Google for it. It gives u ur start button and you can doable the ugly metro start along with them annoying side screen pop-up menus .

    • Gregg Moore

      I beleive it on the surgeforce site. But Google windows 8. Get start button back.

  • Paul Fullilove

    Defense rests.