Ever had that irresistible desire to mute an ongoing conversation? Welcome to the club! Microsoft, it seems, is ready to bring this handy and useful ability to its mobile platform with Windows Phone 8.1.

A new report suggests that this is one of the enhancements the company is preparing, and the recently released Windows Phone 8.1 SDK has hints of these feature that would allow users to mute and unmute conversations in the messaging application.

This report reveals that users will have the muting option on conversations, whether they are involved with a single individual or an entire group of users.

It will work similar to how the block communications feature from a specific user works, though when someone is muted, messages from that particular contact will still arrive on the handset — only that you will no longer receive a notification when a message is received.

And conversations can be unmuted equally easily with a simple tap.

Now, appearances on SDKs are one thing, but they are no indication that a feature will be part of the final release. The aforementioned report, however, claims that not only is mute conversations in the SDK, it has been confirmed for inclusion in the final release of Windows Phone 8.1.

A final release that, by most accounts, will start landing on handsets in late summer.

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