With just hours remaining in the launch of the public preview of Windows Blue, more and more information has started to float up on the anticipated refresh of Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

Obviously, the software titan will detail all the official intelligence, but that is not stopping unofficial sources from revealing all sorts of information on Windows 8.1 — everything from official documentation, installation instructions to feature sets.

One interesting bit of detail that surfaced a few days back is that users will be able to remove a Metro application not just from their local computer, but from all synced devices.

Synced devices, in this case, can range from desktops to laptops and tablets.

The displayed message reads:

“This app and its related info will be removed from all your synced PCs.”

This is, as you may have guessed, all possible with a Microsoft account. And the app synchronization feature has to be enabled in the Windows 8.1 Control Panel for this option to work. But an option to uninstall an app from a local PC is also available.

Microsoft has not yet commented on this feature, but this is an interesting new feature, and something that the technology titan will surely touch upon when it unleashes Windows 8.1 Preview at the BUILD developer conference.

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