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If there’s one thing UWP apps have lacked since launch, is support for tabs. In fact, Windows 10 lacks native support for this feature, and users have been clamoring for it for decades now.

UWP apps are also pretty limited compared to legacy desktop programs, if only for the sole reason that the OS does not allow running multiple instances of the same UWP application — save for OneNote, which is a rare exception.

As is the Maps app on Windows 10, which now supports tabs, even if the implementation is not as simple as what you may find on something like a web browser.

Long story short, tabs support would make these UWP apps much more useful.

And it looks like Redmond is currently working on it.

A highly reliable Microsoft watcher recently shared some new details about ‘Windows Sets’, which were first discovered in build 16237. This is apparently the name of the solution the software titan is working on to bring tab support to UWP apps.

Apparently, it will be possible to open new tabs, as well as web tabs powered by Microsoft Edge in any UWP application.


On top of that, he also revealed some code that was unearthed in build 17040, clearly related to the new tab feature that the company is preparing.


Of course, it is worth a mention that all this should be taken with a generous helping of salt, even if it comes from a usually reliable and trustworthy source. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft does actually add support for tabs throughout its platform for all UWP applications or not.

And until we hear something official, this great addition is simply a rumor for now.

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