Microsoft last week released its financial details for the first quarter of the year, revealing that it generated more than $20 billion in revenue and well over $6 billion in net income.

Now reports are coming in that a famous hedge-fund has bought a significant amount of stock in the company, to the tune of 1 percent of the technology titan’s net worth. CNBC first broke the news in a short tweet that ValueAct Capital is planning to buy a $2 billion stake in the company:

“ALERT: ValueAct takes $2B stake in Microsoft.”

More details are set to be unveiled later today at an investment conference.

According to Reuters, this new investment bumped Microsoft’s shares to the highest point in seven month. Redmond’s stock recorded an increase of 4.4 points to $31.06.

ValueAct is said to have taken control of approximately 67.2 million shares.

Officials from both companies are yet to release any specifics on the deal, though speculates that CEO Steve Ballmer is smack in the center of all this. ValueAct Capital was formed in 2000 and run by Jeffery Ubben.

And word is that Ubben may try to use his stake in the technology titan to rally other investors in an effort to oust the chief executive, Steve Ballmer. Even scarier is the rumor that Ubben may try to convince shareholders to break up Microsoft.

Expect more on this interesting and developing story soon.

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