The case of going from bad to worse for hardware vendors, or affordable delights for end users? You be the judge. But this much is becoming clear that the winds of change for notebook vendors are not coming anytime soon.

There were some that expected the declining trends to stop, if not reverse, in 2014. You know, with the retirement of Windows XP and all that other fun stuff.

But according to this new report by DisplaySearch, brand vendors are braced for delays and weak consumer demands in the laptop market this year. As a result, everyone from Apple to ASUS, HP to Lenovo, Samsung to Sony, even Toshiba has lowered shipment estimates.

In terms of statistics, it was expected that some 152 million units will ship this year — now that figure is estimated at 134 million, as sharp a decline as any.

Varying factors are playing into this, but most of all the tablet assault is taking its toll on the notebook and ultrabook market. In fact, if reports of Apple’s upcoming 12.9-inch tablet hold true, it will only put more pressure on the laptop makers.

And then there is the renewed interest in wearable devices, among consumers. If some of these make their way to the market, then that might turn out to be just another blow.

So much so that there is talks of the notebook market hitting back with 14 to 15.6 inch models starting at the mouthwatering prices of $299. They will, quite obviously, come without touchscreen displays, and the first models are expected to hit the store shelves this June.

It would be quite a sight if they do.

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  1. Great prices. We need some sub-300 notebooks out there on the market. It would be a much better option than a Chromebook. I still think Microsoft should pick a company and do some type of deal like it’s doing with a couple potential Windows Phone makers. They should spend a billion or two subsidizing someone’s touchscreen lineup. Allow that company to sell touchscreen for the same price or almost the same price.

  2. 1366×768 on a 14″-15″ display will be very bad.

    • That, it will be, I am afraid. But something we have to live by for the foreseeable future. With notebook graphics leaping in performance every year, it just makes sense for at least 1080p screens to become standard right about now.

  3. collective pitch / February 17, 2014 at 5:43 pm /Reply

    Last time I bought a sub $500 notebook, it turned out to be complete crap. I don’t buy this news story at all…

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