If you are a Verizon customer and a Windows Phone fan and were looking to buy the Lumia 929 you may actually have a rather long wait on your hands. The smartphone has been delayed to early next year.

It was originally expected to go on sale on December 20.

Sure that was still a rumored date, and this delay is not something that has been confirmed. But these are some credible sources, and as one such tipster claims the reason behind this delay is money — more specifically, Verizon wants to enter a partnership deal with Microsoft, not Nokia.

The reason for this is that the company believe Redmond will put in a higher marketing budget to help with the product launch, instead of the Finnish telecom giant.

Promotion is paramount for a product like this, but delays, such long delays are very damaging. When taken in this context, this postponement does not make much sense.

Word is that Verizon wants to wait until Microsoft takes over Nokia’s smartphones business altogether and completes the transaction before launching the anticipated Lumia 929. Obviously, these theories are floated by insiders, so take them as unconfirmed reports and nothing else.

But as things stand, the Lumia 929 may be official announced late January or early February, maybe even as the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2014) which is set to take place in late February.

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