Press renders. Leaks. If it were not for these this fine duo, we would never have found out just how serious Verizon is when it comes to the Windows Phone platform.

As it stands, fans of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, at least in the United States, that prefer the services Verizon provides, have another quality handset coming their way. A recently leaked press render shows the Samsung ATIV SE smartphone.

The reasonably reliable evleaks is at it again, this time floating up a press render of the device, also known as the Samsung SM-W750V and codenamed Huron.

However, the retail name of this device stays horrendous, as previously feared.

And while the image does not provide too many pointers on the hardware specifications of this upcoming handsets, it does show that the Samsung ATIV SE will be released through Verizon Wireless and will come packed with 4G LTE support.

The main camera, it appears, can make use of LED flash, and while the body has a metallic design to it, the rear panel looks to be made of plastic — this is not exactly a high-end handset, after all. Expected.

In terms of screen size, it seems a 5 inch display is a lock at this point in time.

But the good news here is that Verizon is now actively releasing Windows Phone handsets, and with Windows Phone 8.1 being right around the corner, this could potentially be one of the first smartphones powered by the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

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  1. I’m glad Verizon is investing in the Windows Phone! As someone who uses Verizon’s service, because I think they’re the best, I’m glad they believe in Windows as I do. The picture of this phone is stunning! 🙂

  2. If this is true, it’s good news. Having the latest Windows OS out there, can only do good things. Windows needs to get their product out there and hope it’s on par with android and the iPhone. We’ll see how this is when it’s released.

  3. From the looks of the phone and the tone of this article, this looks underwhelming. Is that how you feel, Elaine? Based on what I read and the picture, I am not too impressed, but I’ll have an open mind.

  4. It doesn’t look too great, but I have to admit the color is appealing to me! 😛 I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

  5. It’s good to see a Samsung Phone and on Verizon. I just hope they both really stand behind and push the phone. I for the life of me don’t understand why Samsung couldn’t have chosen a catchier name though. They have Galaxy for Android. They even have Nexus. It doesn’t have to be a Space sounding name, but they could have come up with someone that would get someone’s attention

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