All Versions Of Windows 8.1 RTM GA Rollup A Have Leaked

Windows has a rather distinguished history of leaks, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. If you thought these leaks would stop after the bucket load of Windows 8.1 RTM versions leaked out, then you better think again.

There were reports yesterday that Microsoft was preparing a pretty hefty set of updates that goes by the name of Windows 8.1 RTM GA Rollup A, and now this first pack of updates has just leaked, giving users the chance to install them before the public launch of the operating system.

You can probably thank someone from one of Microsoft’s hardware partners for these, as this set of updates was primarily aimed at OEM vendors that have installed Windows 8.1 on their upcoming PCs and devices.

Anyway, the x64 version of the pack was the first to reach the web.

And soon after the x86 and Windows RT versions of this update also made their way to the shadowy places of the Internet — Microsoft is actually yet to announce them officially, of course.

The x64 version includes three different updates, namely KB2894179, KB2883200, and KB2894029, and the download size comes in at a substantial 200MB, meaning this pack of updates probably takes care of a lot of bugs and issues with the upcoming operating system.

The x86 version of the pack, on the other hand, flies in at 130.8MB and offers pretty much the same set of improvements as the 64-bit flavor. And finally, the Windows RT download will cost you 127.75MB of bandwidth, and includes updates specifically targeted for tablet devices running Windows RT 8.1.

If you do manage to get your hands on these, be warned that you will only notice minor visual improvements after deploying them.

Going by the name of the update pack, chances are Microsoft may release another pack soon before the operating system goes live, which will include last minute improvements.