Very impressive – Microsoft branding going forward

Microsoft have undertaken one of the largest rebranding initiatives I have ever seen.

They have updated so many of their logos that is it apparent that they are REALLY serious about moving into a new Windows 8 led era.

The good folks at Neowin made this infographic to show the different corporate brands and logos that have changed or been touched up under the Microsoft umbrella.

The company certainly looks a lot more contemporary and fresh considering how old it is.

What do you think of these logos?

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  • 123321

    great 😉

  • http://the-cubicle.tumblr.com EllaiMac

    Wow! I love the changes going on…

  • Coker

    Earth shattering! Not!

    • Yada Yada Yada

      Did anyone say it was Earth shattering? No need to start a battle where one should not be.

      People are excited about the changes, as am I. There was no reason to post what you did.

      • Coker

        Freedom of Speech! I can post whatever I want to say!

        • !Coker

          u are a bloody idiot !!
          ( Freedom of Speech! I can post whatever I want to say ! )

  • timiteh

    Well it is great for Microsoft to rebrand itself and reimagine its products, though i strongly dislike the flatness and the lack of eye candy of their new design. I would have really like something as pretty or prettier than Aero and the use of Metro design language only where it makes sense.