Now this is the kind of news that I want to be publishing on here!

In what can only be described as a PR and marketing coup, Microsoft have convinced a US University to distribute Windows 8 to their incoming students.

New Jersey’s Seton Hall University is offering about 2,500 students, including all incoming freshmen and junior students, the choice of either a Samsung Series 7 tablet or Samsung Series 5 ultrabook running Windows 8 Release Preview version.

In addition, they are being offered Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phones.

Here’s the cool part of the story.

The laptops and tablets will be updated to the official RTM (Release To Manufacturing) of Windows 8 after its release on October 26.

Very well played by Microsoft because typically this is an Apple iPad story.

Seton Hall officials are saying they chose Windows 8 because:

  • Windows 8’s strong enterprise features, including its manageability via Active Directory and Group Policy;
  • Problems distributing apps to large groups on the iPad;
  • Apple’s lack of enterprise-wide warranties for its iPads, making the process of getting support cumbersome, according to Landry.

Also interesting is the fact that the school is choosing to pay MORE for the Windows tablets than they would an Apple solution.

Here’s some promo video from the school.

Based on list prices, deploying 2,500 Samsung Windows 8 tablets (the lower-end one is $1,100) would cost the university about $1.5 million more than buying the same number of $499 iPads ($2.75 million versus $1.25 million).

They are obviously making a long term calculation that Windows will be easier to maintain. Whether that’s true or not is unimportant to me.

What is important is that these stories need to continue to hit the press every week through the actual launch of Windows 8. This is hopefully the beginning f the Microsoft/Apple fight for the tablet space we have all been waiting for!

What do you think?

Seton Hall’s decision to give out Windows 8 Tablets? A good idea?

Let us know…

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  1. they should have waited to give them the Surface Pro or Asus tablet 810. I wish i still lived in Jersey to go to Seton Hall when i go to college. This has been out for a while though Onuora.

  2. its grt that they are using latest techno… coz feasibility with ipad is not soo good as compared with windows… its just like a desktop only… but portable desktop..
    good step taken..

  3. This is an excellent decision, for both Seton Hall and Microsoft. I’ve been using this tablet with Win 8 since Consumer Preview, and it is an excellent combination for both productivity and consumption. The addition of Office 2013 CP makes it an even better touch device; but best of all, I drop it in the dock on my desk and I have a full desktop/high end laptop replacement.

    It’s unfortunate that the Surface Pro won’t be available in time for this class. I will upgrade immediately because of: (1) Touch/Type cover (an always available physical keyboard is the real missing link on the Samsung); (2) USB 3 port (if you haven’t used one for file transfer you have no idea what you are missing – on my wife’s Toshiba R835 it equals a full external docking solution, except for video); (3) Ivy Bridge should add an extra two hours+ to battery run time; (4) displayport; (5) all metal construction PLUS Gorilla Glass 2; and (6) built in kickstand is MUCH STURDIER than the Samsung case which has a bad tendency to slide open/closed on the desktop.

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