Fans of the communication platform can now finally rejoice. Whether you have a Windows Phone 8 handset or have people in your circle that do, you can now stay in touch using the popular Viber application.

The developer has, in the recent past, teased and toyed a Windows Phone 8 appearance, but now it seems that the arrival of the popular application might be even closer than expected.

A recent report seems to suggest that the application has already be submitted for approval in the Windows Phone Store, and it may get a listing there any time now.

The news site TruTower shared the information claiming that Viber’s CEO Talmon Marco himself has confirmed the news. The certification process for new applications usually takes around 24 hours, and going by that timeframe Viber should go live for Windows Phone 8 very soon now.

Additionally, the folks over at WPCentral believe that the app is expected to support all Windows Phone 8 devices, and that is a relief.

Some of the feature the Viber app is said to deliver include group calling — an option which is said to have been packed inside it right from the beginning.

The popular communication client may already be familiar to users on most other platforms like the iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, even earlier version of Windows Phone. But Windows Phone 8 users were the only ones left out of the party until now.

Now all we need is a Windows 8 app, and the world will be a happy place to live in. And mind you, Talmon Marco has hinted that a dedicated Windows 8 version could be a reality in the near future.

For now, enjoy the impending arrival of the Windows Phone 8 version.

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