Video Review – The Verge examine the new BlackBerry Z10

Joshua Topolsky from the Verge did a fantastic review of the BlackBerry Z10.

It’s an interesting review and shows a somewhat capable phone.

I’ll post an opinion a little later…


  • Ronie

    dude, I loved the phone. I will pick one up as soon as they make it available.

  • S. Kyle Davis

    Ok, I admit that I only made it to about the 4 min mark, so make of that what you will. However, the explanation of how the homescreen works left me fairly baffled. I’ll have to play with one to develop my own opinion, but from the bit I saw here it makes the usability complains of Windows 8 seem almost laughable.

    Oh and speaking of Windows 8, this is another day, another post by Onuora Amobi that has nothing to do with Windows 8. Dude, seriously get your own blog or go work at CNET or something.

    • Arnie

      The messed up thing is this is his blog and he is not fit for it. And he as the low testicular fortitude to delete my comments because I speak the truth.

      • Onuora Amobi

        Bye bye again Arnie.