Video Shows How Windows 8.1 And SkyDrive Extract Text From Photos

Microsoft has already heavily showcased the availability of the OCR search indexing in SkyDrive and Windows 8.1, and now with the new operating system incoming, the company has put up a video that shows the feature in action.

It is a decently lengthy clip and goes over the feature in neat detail.

For the uninitiated this splendid new technology allows SkyDrive utilize the optical character recognition technology built into Bing to scan photos and images uploaded to the service. It then extracts the text from these images and presents it as a highly useful collection of bits.

But less talk, more action, and all that, so here you go with the video clip:

This new option is fully automatic — as it should be — meaning, all you need to do is snap your pictures with the camera of your Windows device and save them in the Camera Roll folder. SkyDrive and Windows 8.1 then take it over from there on.

Once the transferred pictures are analyzed, text is extracted from the image, and all content is then saved in the metadata section of the file itself. Users can access the text via the sidebar in SkyDrive with the press of a key.

And since it is standard text, it can be easily read and copied by pressing a few keys.

The complete details are provided in the clip above, so spare a minute (or five) to watch it and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.