The leaks just can’t stop coming! We have seen numerous screenshots and videos and read all sorts of details about the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1, since the SDK went live.

And now another video aims to solve the puzzle — the puzzle of what kind of improvements are coming to Internet Explorer 11 on the newest version of the mobile operating system. Nothing absolutely massive here in this clip, but it is a nice little overview.

As the video below shows, Microsoft has prepared a number of useful tweaks and new features for the mobile version of its flagship web browser in Windows Phone 8.1 so that users can enjoy an improved experience on their handsets.

More on that in a moment, but first take a look at the video below:

Snappy as usual, the refreshed web browser now comes with a completely new feature called Reading Mode. A simple tap allows viewing of articles and webpages in a more accessible fashion, so that you can do the thing that actually matters — read.

Handily, the Stop/Refresh button has now moved to the Address Bar instead of a separate button. Then again, this particular button should be used to it by now, considering just how much it has moved from one location to another in one browser or another over the years.

Jokes aside, the new version of IE11 will also save and remember passwords for different websites, along with abilities like uploading of files and improved support for HTML5 and WebGL.

All Windows Phone 8 owners will be able to upgrade to this new flavor of Internet Explorer sometime this summer, that is, when Microsoft’s newest mobile operating platform launches.

In the meantime take a look at the video above — it’s worth a watch for the music alone!

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