Video Walkthrough Shows Windows Phone 8.1 Features, Watch Here

Yet to get you full fix of everything that is new in the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1? Well, you are in luck, because a detailed new video has popped up that shows off some of the new features.

Microsoft opened early access to the Widows Phone 8.1 SDK for developers a couple of days back, and a whole packet of details leaked online yesterday, providing information on what this mobile operating system update will bring for users.

And now thanks to WinBeta, a 12-minute video walkthrough has surfaced.

Although the clip does not actually show a handset running the new software, the emulator does a good job of providing details of many of the key changes that are included in the upcoming version of the mobile OS. Emulators sure have come a long way, it must be said.

Anyway, you can take a gander at the video below:

So, then, a wide range of improvements as you can see from the video above.  Many of these were leaked via different sources over the past few days and weeks.

Redmond, however, is totally mum on all this, and is yet to provide an official confirmation of any sorts.

If all goes well, Windows Phone 8.1 will make its official debut at the BUILD developer conference at the very start of April, and should start landing on handsets later that month, or in early May by some estimates. With everything it is set to bring, the update cannot come out sooner.

Your thoughts on the video above, people? Let them be known!

  • Ray C

    Looking forward to the update