Another controversy singed? Or is this just a glimpse into the future? Russian president has just signed into effect a law that is sure to make things difficult for foreign companies.

Foreign Internet companies, in particular.

Russia new requires all online companies to store personal data of Russian users within the borders of the country. Meaning if a particular firm does not have offices in Russia, then they will have to opt to store data in local datacenters.

As this report notes, there is more to the decision than just keeping data of Russian citizens safe inside the country, free from the eyes of foreign intelligence services like the NSA.

The Russian government has essentially given itself the right to extract and view whatever data it wants from these companies. This new law is actually part of the larger effort in Russia to control the Internet through various measures.

Companies now have a two year deadline to comply with these new regulations, or risk being blocked in the country entirely.

While smaller firms will likely find local datacenters to store the data, large establishments like Microsoft, Google and Facebook will probably have to build datacenters.

Then again, the way things have been going, a move like this was always on the cards.

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  1. Adam Rochefort / July 23, 2014 at 11:58 am /Reply

    A clear attempt to remove foreign competitors from the Russian market. Poutine simply wants Russia to transform back into a czarist fiefdom of old, where one man controls everything. And you cannot control everything if a large section of your economy is populated by outside actors.

  2. Emily Williams / July 23, 2014 at 3:26 pm /Reply

    Key word, “Forcing.” This says all you need to know about Russia right now.

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