One of the most popular multimedia players in the world should soon find itself available for users of Microsoft’s newest platform. VLC for Windows 8 is nearly release, and fast.

VideoLAN, the developer of the application have confirmed via its official Twitter account that the development of VLC for Windows 8 is almost close to completion, and the app should be submitted to the Windows for approval in the near future.

An exciting little tweet reads:

“So, last night, we cut the VLC for WinRT dependency on advapi.dll and shell32.dll… We’re closing in!”

Developers over at VideoLAN, as you may recall, launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign back in November last year to help fund the project, which was a raging success.

The development, however, has taken a fair amount of time.

Early estimates put the multimedia Metro app to be ready for action in around three months, but we are approaching the year mark in just a couple of months. The developers have had their hands full in complying with all Windows Store restrictions, and Microsoft helped the team with this.

The upcoming app will also be compatible with Windows RT — Microsoft’s tablet oriented operating system that powers the Surface RT. The developers said in November:

“The existing version runs on Windows 8’s desktop mode, and is available only for Intel-based PCs. This new port will be natively integrated within the new User Experience and will also support ARM-based tablets in a subsequent release.”

The app is already available to a select group of Kickstarter backers for testing purposes, as the team wanted feedback on features during development.

But the good news is that the final version of the app should be published in the Windows Store anytime now. The world cannot wait.

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