VLC For Windows 8 Drew Inspiration From Microsoft Zune

VLC For Windows 8 Drew Inspiration From Microsoft Zune

VideoLAN president and lead developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf is on a bit of a press tour of his own, what with their flagship application now finally released on the Windows Store.

VLC for Windows 8 is now available for fans of the Metro environment, and with primary development headaches now behind them, the team behind the multimedia player can now discuss their newest creation in detail.

In a new interview, the Kempf said that the design of the Modern UI flavor of VLC Player is inspired by Microsoft Zune a fair bit, as the team held that product in high regard.

Additionally, he also confirmed what most of us know already — the Metro port of the application will never have the same features as the desktop software, as a lot of users that like to live in the touch optimized environment have no real need of these options:

“I do not have a crystal ball, but I really doubt that Metro version will have features parity with the Desktop app. But then again, maybe people do not need all those features.”

He also shed some light on the development process, and how VideoLAN had to hire a few extra hands to work on the project for a limited time. A few developers also contributed to the project free of charge, in their spare time.

As of this writing, the developers are trying to figure out how to deal with many of the bugs that have been reported in the initial version of VLC for Windows 8.

  • Ray C


  • Sally Black

    This looks great. Very cool design. It’s good at least somebody learned something from the zune! ;P

  • Jake

    Say what yo want about Zune, but I always thought it was aesthetically more appealing than the iPod in every way imaginable.

    • Bill Franklin

      100% with you there, Jake. If Zune worked better at the start and was able to work as well as the iPod. It could’ve overtaken it.