VideoLAN is hard at work on VLC for Windows Phone, and though the anticipated multimedia application has seen its share of delays, we are close to launch.

So close that the developers are now gearing up for a closed beta test of the app.

And they are seeking Windows Phone testers to try out this debut version, which has been on the waiting list for nearly two years now. This probably means that VideoLAN still have a fair few issues to iron out before launch the app on the Windows Phone Store.

The developers seem to have already invited a few folks to access the first beta build of VLC for Windows Phone, and are not accepting registrations. Apparently, it only took them a few hours to reach the maximum number of beta participants they wanted.

But Thomas Nigro, one of the developers, did confirm that the first beta build will be delivered to those that are signed up:

Provided the beta testers do not find any major issues with the mobile application, there is hope that the open beta will be launched by the end of the year.

More detail on this anticipated application are bound to emerge soon. In the meantime, here are a couple of video clips that show VLC Player in action on Windows Phone.

Videos one, two and three, for your viewing pleasure.

Looking quite good, actually!

The app has missed several deadlines before, so let’s just hope there are no major setbacks, for what is one of the more anticipated releases on the Windows Phone Store.

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