How about something surprising and totally unexpected to start the week? We all know that VideoLAN are always right on the money and all their app releases arrive bang on schedule.

I kid, of course.

VLC for Windows 8 suffered numerous delays, amounting to easily over a year in total. The app was released to less than stellar reviews, as several users complained of crashes and lack of features. However, the team behind the app promised a new release for the modern Windows platform.

And now as things stand, VLC for Windows 8.1 is just about ready to go live, with development and testing almost finished. This tweet from one of the developers reveals the status:

“VLC for Windows 8.1 is quite ready, still some things to fix. We’ve got delay on WP. We prefer to ship a good version instead of a boggy one.”

Obviously, no none likes a boggy release!

So this means that while the Windows 8.1 version is ready for primetime, some unforeseen circumstances have got in the way of the anticipated Windows Phone release — which have led to another delay for the mobile app that has been in development for quite a while.

But I am sure this is all for a good cause.

Let’s just hope the developers manage to iron out all the bugs and get the app working as they intended. Which is looking rather good, as these screenshots show. More power to them.

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  • Michael L

    As you joked to start, this is about the least surprising news ever. I refuse to count on VLC’s release dates and schedules because they’re never met. I hope that changes at some point, but for now, that’s how I have to look at it.

  • Mary

    I’m glad they are getting it right instead of pushing it out too soon. But it is a little absurd how VLC is always too optimistic with their dates. I wish they’d be more realistic from the start.

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