Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you! The anticipated media player was expected to be released a year or so back, but here we are into the second month of 2014 and it is delayed once again.

In fact, terming this as anticipated is, right now, a rather arguable point.

Anyway, the last we heard on the matter a little while ago was that the development was almost complete, and the team was getting ready to submit it to the Windows Store. If all went according to plan, the media playing app should have been launched this week.

But, as so very often happens, things did not go according to plan.

The development team has encountered all sorts of unexpected issues as it continues to work on the application. In a short statement VideoLAN has announced that submission has failed:

“Submission failed again… We’re working on it and will resubmit…”

So there you have it — the launch has been delayed one more time. No idea for how long, and the developers are yet to actually determine the cause of this pesky issue. In any case, we wait, as we have waited before. Or at least some of us have waited before.

These constant delays have led to the arrival of a number of highly capable Modern UI media player on the Windows Store, both free and paid, that offer almost the same level of features as VLC Player.

At this rate, what the app brings when it finally launches will be quite interesting to see.

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  1. Why do I get the feeling that if and when they ever get around to releasing this, it’s still going to be very buggy, and probably not very feature-rich.

    • Not sure on buggy, but I very much agree it is not going to be feature rich. They have enough trouble already getting the darned thing up and running. Coding for Windows RT is what appears to be the problem here.

      And besides, they have already confirmed that it will launch with a very basic UI for now. The interface is something that they will work on after release.

  2. led to the arrival of a number of highly capable Modern UI media player on the Windows Store
    – Please recommend

  3. No Comment!

    • None needed. 🙁 This has taken too long now, well over a year, I agree.

      I use a combination of VLC, Winamp and KMPlayer on may computer, and actually would love to have all three in Metro form one day. One can hope, I guess.

  4. I laugh out loud when I read this. VLC is my main media player on windows and on mac, but seriously those people who developing VLC need to slap them self silly, because with all that waiting I am sure it won’t be even worth it. Crazy….

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