App development of Microsoft’s modern platforms is as straightforward a process as any, provided you are creating a straightforward app. But an advanced multimedia application like VLC takes time and effort, effort and time.

The developers behind the project, VideoLAN, are busy working on the port for Windows 8.1, even though the launch was initially expected to take place in early 2013, after a few month’s work.

Anyway, the development team provides regular updates and they have just reached another major milestone — VLC for Windows 8.1 now has audio output. This short tweet posted just a few hours back confirms that the team managed to deal with the problem that was holding them back:

“We have audio :)”

This was one of the issues that held the app back from being submitted to the Windows Store.

Additionally, the Metro VLC app has already passed the Windows App Certification Kit test a little while back, and is now almost ready for takeoff. Expect to see it on the store soon.

A few refinements still remain, and the developers have not yet provided details on when the VLC port for Windows 8 could see daylight. But considering the developers are coding not just for Windows 8.1, but Windows RT 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 too, a little more wait may be in order.

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