Want To Study? Here Are Some Windows 8 Apps To Help You Do Just That

There are some universal facts in life like wood floats on water, sun rises from the east, and Microsoft regularly creates special spotlight sections on the Windows Store.

The latest software category to be introduced comes loaded with Windows 8 apps to help users study.

In short, this new section brings together productivity apps, books and reference tools, dictionaries and calculators and places them just one click (or tap) away. All the apps make great use of the Metro UI of Microsoft’s latest platform.

The description of the new software category reads something like this:

“Whatever the school year throws at you – exams, homework, pop quizzes, extra credit – you’ll be ready to make the grade with these study aids.”

As one would expect, all the apps in this category can be used on all versions of Windows, including the desktop and tablet builds, like Redmond’s very own Surface line of slates.

And as is usually the case, this will only be a temporary new section, so fire up your device and point it to the Windows Store to take a peek at this new subcategory and see if some apps are up your alley.

Speaking of apps, Windows Store is regularly seeing new app submissions — usually amounting to hundreds of new apps most days. The app repository currently boasts more than 65,000 apps in all markets and is very much on the right track to success.