Mobile devices are now fast approaching the power offered by desktop PCs, and in some exclusive cases they even surpass the functionality on offer, at least in terms of software and an integrated experience.

Take this powerful Surface accessory that goes by the name of the Surface Music Kit, for example.

It allows the creation of awesomely amazing using just the tablet. And as Jonathan Velasquez, a Microsoft Store associate has shown in the video below, this accessory is a perfect fit for those that live and breathe music.

Bryson Gordon the director of Microsoft Surface talked about this mix in a blog post:

“Outside of getting it running like new, a few of the associates starting talking with pride about one of their own, Jonathan Velasquez, and what he could do with the Surface Music Kit.”

Watch the video clip below:

Obviously it was created after the Microsoft Store closed down for the day — don’t get any funny ideas!

Still, it does show what an amazing piece of accessory the Surface Music Kit is. It comes in the form of a cover that can be effortlessly attached and connected to the tablet using the standard keyboard part. It is compatible with the original Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface 2 with Windows 8.1.

You can find out more about the accessory here, by the way.

Right after you share your thoughts on the video in the comments below, that is.

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  • WillyThePooh

    Nice. Make me really want to get one. 🙂