As far as version improvements go, Internet Explorer sure is shaping up to be the best of both worlds. Not only is Microsoft enhancing the underlying code of the browser and adding support for new web technologies, the interface is also getting a revamp.

Microsoft has prominently improved the application — enhanced touch support and a more secure engine are two key factors.

And since IE 11 is set to be the default browser in Windows 8.1, the technology titan is building up this new version as the perfect browser for touch. The company has added in support for swipe gestures that offer a very simple way of navigating back and forward.

This is explained in a new video that is attached below:

Microsoft explains some of the most important features, saying:

“Internet Explorer 11 makes the experience faster and more fluid on all devices while preserving memory efficiency and battery life.

To accomplish this, Internet Explorer 11 suspends and caches the previous page to memory when navigating between pages. When you swipe back to the previous page, the page resumes from memory. The result is the previous page is loaded almost instantly when you swipe back.”

And not just this, whenever a user uses the back and forward buttons, they get a screenshot of the page that is loading to quickly help them find the website they are looking for when they go back.

Add all this up, and Internet Explorer 11 is shaping up to be the absolute best option for touch based users, particularly on tablets and convertibles.

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