Watch Microsoft’s Efforts To Unify Web Experiences With New IE Project

It goes without saying that Internet Explorer, in particularly IE 11, represents a cornerstone of Microsoft. The company’s flagship browser, along with its operating systems, forms the very basis of the company’s strategy for the future.

Redmond has quite so often promoted Internet Explorer as the best say to browse the web, regardless of the platform it is used on.

And in order to show the benefits of a seamless experience across multiple devices, the company has now unveiled, what it calls the Companion Web project. Microsoft explains it best in a blog post:

“The Companion Web is all about a world where experiences move seamlessly across the multiple screens around us – our tablets, phones, computers, and televisions. To help illustrate this, we worked with our friends at Polar to create a Companion Web experience that spans multiple screens offering you the ability to view and voice your opinion based on the content you’re watching.”

The accompanying video shows this in action:

This is essentially a second screen project, but one with immense potential in both the consumers and business domains. Microsoft has teamed up with Polar to launch an iOS app that makes use of this Companion Web concept to enable a website to complement what a user is watching on a big screen:

“You can leave it up alongside a film, TV show, or video and keep up with new opinions and questions as they appear in real-time, or use any device with a web browser to control what’s on display. When you scroll, vote, or switch topics with your device, the big screen experience immediately responds to your actions.”

Microsoft is promising many more such developer tools in and around the release of Internet Explorer 11, which is set to debut with Windows 8.1 later this year.

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  • Mike Greenway

    this video will not play on my windows 8, IE 10 machine.