Microsoft has just launched the public preview version of Windows 8.1, and the software titan is sparing no effort to promote the new features and enhancements it has bundled into the new OS.

It has also released a new video for the first major upgrade to Windows 8. The video clip just went live on YouTube and shows off Windows 8.1 with loud music and plenty of colorful images. Take a look at it yourself below:

The video highlights the changes made to the Start screen — the large and small Live Tiles are emphasized, as are the deeper customization options and apps only list. It also touches upon the improved search features that have been reworked in the operating system.

The Snap View mode for modern Windows 8 apps also makes an appearance, providing users the ability to run (and display) more than two apps at the same time. The swift and brisk video also shows the redesign of the Windows Store that comes with Windows 8.1

In case you are wondering, the Start button shows up at the bottom.

Nothing new is shown in the clip, but it showcases and provides a quick overview of almost all of the important features of the new operating system. Microsoft has also released a product guide for the Windows 8.1 Preview, which is available as a PDF document here.

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  1. Can anybody else watch the video? It doesn’t work on my end

    • Working fine here. 🙂 I’ve updated the post with a direct link to YouTube, in case you want to watch it direct. Hopefully it works now!

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