Watch Microsoft’s New Windows Everywhere Ad Ahead Of Blue Launch

Windows Blue may almost be here, well, almost, but Microsoft is obviously thinking the big picture as far as its marketing efforts are concerned. The software titan continues to roll out new ads to promote its latest operating system.

This time the company has put up a new video, called “Windows Everywhere” which once again stresses the point that its platform can be used on any and all sorts of devices — from desktop PCs to tablets and mobile phones, and thereby providing a seamless experience anywhere and, well, everywhere.

Microsoft, along with its partners have often reiterated the possibilities of this seamless experience everywhere a user goes — and in fact, this is one of the biggest advantages of the Windows platform.

But less talk, more action, so here, watch the video ad below:

And just like Windows 8, the upcoming refresh of the OS, Windows 8.1 will be aimed at an even wider array of devices, with smaller, more affordable tablets coming into the picture.

The new OS is poised to bring about several improvements and enhancements not only to the main desktop versions, but also tablets and convertible hybrid devices. And this is reflected in this commercial as the tagline “One Experience. On every device. For everything in your life” so aptly conveys.

Interestingly, the commercial is a clean 30 seconds of length, meaning there is a distinct possibility that it will soon finds its way to television, as the company gears up to launch Windows Blue.

For now though, watch the ad and let us know in the comments below how you like Microsoft’s latest advertising effort. For my money, it’s about as perfect as it gets. Let’s hear your thoughts.