Watch Microsoft’s Surface Event Live Stream Right Here

The big day is here, folks! Microsoft is ready to hold a news press conference in New York today to discuss its tablet strategy, and introduce a new Surface model. Or two.

Although an invite-only event, the company decided to offer a live webcast, meaning everyone can tune in to watch the show which starts at 8 am PDT.

You can watch the stream right here on Microsoft’s official News Center website.

Panos Panay, the Surface team lead is expected to be there, and an appearance from Satya Nadella, the new Microsoft CEO can also not be discounted. As for what exactly the company might unveil at this event, a number of different theories have been floating around.

From an 8-inch Surface Mini, to a 12-inch larger model, to even the Surface Pro 3.

What we do actually get, we should find out in just a few hours.

So buckle up your seatbelts, tune up the volume, and grab a cup of cappuccino, or whatever drink you fancy, and click this link — this has all the makings of something real good!

  • Emily Williams

    Thank you for the link! I was able to catch some of the live stream earlier. Great!

  • John Howe

    I missed it live, but they have the full video up on demand. Thanks for having the link here! I’m going to watch this now.

    • Claire R

      Thanks john! I figured I missed the opportunity to watch. Good to know they have the video still up available to view!