Only a few weeks remain before the public preview build of Windows 8.1 is unveiled at the BUILD developer conference later this month.

Microsoft had promised plenty of details on the upcoming refresh of its operating system leading up to the event, and we had our first official dosage of information last week. Now the software titan has just rolled out the first clip that presents Windows 8.1 in all its shiny glory.

Jensen Harris from the Windows team introduces several of the key features of the next version of Windows — everything from the reworked Start Screen and enhanced search are touched upon in the video. But before we get any further, take a look at it yourself:

As we have learned from the various screenshots and leaked builds that have made their way to the web over the past couple of months, the search options now display web links, images, files stored on SkyDrive, along with local documents in one single place.

Additionally, Microsoft has further improved multi-tasking in the upcoming version of Windows, and users can now run as many as four apps side by side. A larger device is obviously a necessity to make the most of such an option, but it is nevertheless good to see it being made available.

And finally, the Lock Screen now offers a slideshow option that can display photos (stored either locally on the device or in the cloud). This means that any Windows tablet can now become a fully featured photo frame.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see some of the new features coming in Windows 8.1 what say you?

Are you impressed?

Use the comments and let us know…

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  • Mike Will

    I think it’s boring. The same old shit. Windows 8 wasn’t beloved and Windows 8.1 is going to face the same fate.


    • Jordan

      You just don’t get what features that you’re missing…

  • Brian Elgaard

    I like it a lot. Being able to see apps in the order I downloaded them seems quite useful, as I often download an app that I want to have a look at later. Except, that I often forget. If only Windows Phone had the same feature …

  • Dexter Nelson

    I like the changes. The only problem I don’t like about Windows 8 is that for something like the surface, there isn’t a lot of hard drive space. The one I have now is $250 gigs and as someone who’s a developer and gamer, I have backups that are bigger than the drive. As for boring? I’d say if you find Windows 8 boring it’s probably because you really don’t know what you can do with it or you’re just not creative. I’m a multi-tasker so I have music in the background while I’m gaming and chatting with friends at the same time, sharing our playlists and having online parties, watching movies together and a whole lot more. It’s the only OS right now that let’s you multi-task on that level. I like it. VAST improvement over all of their other OS systems.

  • voleheart

    think it is sexy

  • Daryl Thomas Kane

    no sign of boot direct from desktop pc user need that

    • Rug Ratz

      the OS is local … skydrive is for storing docs/pics/files … so the boot is from the local machine. Or did you mean something else?

      • Andrew Scott

        He meant boot to the traditional desktop rather than the Start Screen.

  • george_szubinski

    i think the whole range of changes being made are extremely well thought out. As a previous poster commented it is the only OS which offers true multi tasking… people simply dont get how cool that is. The other comment the poster made was about disk space…. I too am a developer and need tons of disk space, but I organise my desktop or my Surface filestore basically as work space… all my files are in the cloud – I use DropBox, SkyDrive and even bigger and better is BitCasa… so I dont quite see the problem…

  • Orletta E. Caldwell

    Sounds fine, but I like what I have on my lock screen and really don’t want my pictures on it. I hope there is an option to put what I want on my lock screen. I haven’t been keeping up, but if you purchased Win 8 will you have to pay more for 8.1?

    • Rug Ratz

      Microsoft has said that 8.1 is a free upgrade for those who purchased Windows 8. If you have RT, I believe there will be a RT upgrade to 8.1 as well.

    • Rodney Longoria

      It will be one of the options to select but not the default, Orletta. 🙂

  • Rohit Chauhan

    Well that looks awesome. Eagerly waiting for upgrading my laptop and phone OS.

  • Little John

    Where was the desktop demo? I use Windows 8 but not “Modern” screen. I do my work in the desktop mode, rare for me to open “app” because there is nothing I need or can use in the modern screen. Use Windows 8 with keyboard and mouse, the touch screen is way down on my want list for desktop. Maybe touch pad which I can touch like if I was touching a screen.

  • Anupam

    I think window 8.1 is an update of win 8. a more multimedia os having less support, from windows and a less dedicated team. as I am suffering after purchase of window 8 I am unable to use reason best know to window “refunded” I don’t understand how can a purchase can be refunded without the owner/purchaser asking for the same. I am trying the team and unable o get my window 8 back, which puts me to think twice before purchasing any window or Microsoft product.


    [email protected]

  • Floyd Owsley

    Looks good from what I saw. Cant wait to try it out for myself.

  • august9

    Wow! Just keeps getting better.

  • Todd Pietrowski

    the presentation was really good. how is it different to the windows 8 that is out now?

  • kenblu24

    Just like with the Xbox One reveal, I am seeing lots of negativity. Some people just aren’t thinking about the possibilities, and it’s stupid. I can see why some people don’t like it, and I feel a bit restricted with certain things missing, and it will take quite a while to get used to that, but overall, it’s a brilliant OS that is now quite underrated.

  • Rodney Longoria

    How about being able to delete Apps that we’ve OWNED but no longer want from the Store/Your Apps screen? It’s annoying that we’ve tried out various apps that weren’t up to snuff and they show up in that screen. It’s not much, but I like things clean. 🙂

  • Daniel Gray

    I have windows 8 in a pad/laptop machine and I find that in allowing me to place android games on it, sometimes it works and sometimes it wont. For instance I purchased the Star Wars pinball game from Android and even though it came directly from Android, windows 8 refused to recognize the certificates and refused to allow me to install it, yet it worked fine on my android smart phone. Still need some work people

  • Andy

    Great, but what about that start button?

  • Gayle Ashby

    Bought a new computer last October – one of the last with Windows 7 but was very excited about Windows 8. Took it home and got all set up and within 48 hours I was taking it back to the store to have them take it off and re-install Windows 7. Absolutely hated it, but that’s just me. I don’t have it on my cell phone either. A friend of mine just bought a new laptop and had no choice but to buy one with Windows 8 – a day later ended up in tears back at the store. They were very patient and gave her a quick tutorial and she is tolerating it now but still hates it and the fact she/we have no choice except to go to Apple, which we won’t do either. Sorry Microsoft – Windows 8 is NOT for everyone or every age group or user and I think you have failed a large number of Microsoft users. Very sad.