Microsoft has just presented a new Windows 8.1 video with the intention of teasing users ahead of the public launch of the preview build on June 26.

This new video is a bit odd considering the company recently launched a preview video a couple of days back. But hey, we’ll take it.

As far as teaser videos go, this is high on the tease factor, and low on content. A few images flash on screen for a fleeting second or two, before the June 26 date and text occupy the screen.

Here take a peek at video — it will only take 9 or so seconds.

What this also means is that a much more detailed video could soon be heading our way.

The clip however once again shows that the Start button is going to be introduced with Windows 8.1. It will not launch a Start menu per se, but instead will take the users to the Start Screen. Microsoft has confirmed that the Start button would always be visible when working on the desktop.

Redmond hopes the adoption of its flagship operating system to significantly pick up after the launch of Windows 8.1 — the first major update to Windows 8 that is poised to bring several UI and performance improvements.

The technology titan is said to be actively working with hardware partners in helping them develop and bring smaller slates powered by Windows. The preview version will be unveiled on June 26, while the final stable build is set to arrive later this year.

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