Outgoing CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer may not be there at the next financial analyst meeting in Redmond, but he sure made quite an impression at this year’s appearance.

Taking the stage at the company’s meeting with financial analysts, Ballmer said that Redmond is now ready and raring to focus much more on the Windows brand — and this includes refining the current operating platforms while at the same time brining new products to boost the market share.

Talking to audience, the Microsoft leader confirmed that while the Windows product range has grown quite a bit in the past couple of years, PCs, tablets and smartphones that are powered by the operating system must still be constantly improved.

The idea is to offer a unique experience to end users in all form factors:

“We know that we have got to do a great job. Windows 8.1 I think is a very distinct improvement, and we are going to have to put time and energy, not only into Windows PCs but into brand Windows overall. Our device brand more than anything is brand Windows: Windows Phones, Windows PCs, Windows tablets.

And we have to make absolutely clear to people what the value proposition is and by the way how they can also get some of those same high-value services on non-Windows devices, on iPads, on iPhones, on Android devices, et cetera.”

That’s commitment if ever you saw one — and here’s hoping it translates into results as the company transitions into the One Microsoft philosophy.

Nevertheless, Redmond seems well prepared to continue investments in Windows powered products. The next few months, for instance, will not only bring new versions of both the desktop and mobile operating platforms, but fresh new tablets and powerful new smartphones.

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  • Rodney Longoria

    Reading this, why doesn’t Microsoft brand SkyDrive to WindowsDrive, then? Everything else is Windows this and Windows that.

    • http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~pratnala Pratyush Nalam

      It might ultimately become that as Redmond has to change SkyDrive’s name because of a lawsuit

  • Lenn Liggins

    With demise of Blackberry, Microsoft first should go after their customers, secondly, they need to put on a media blitz that will out do Geico and Progressive for ad time and third, put out great products that everyone wants and get rid the one that people don’t. I think Surface RT might be one of them. Get a Surface Mini at 8″ out too.