Microsoft introduced a plethora of new features in its new Windows 8 platform, and one of the more visible (and useful) of them is Charms. Now it seems Windows 8.1 is poised to improve this very option.

Redmond is all set to introduce a completely new search experience in the new version of Windows, one that would allow the execution of web searches straight from within the OS interface.

A Twitter user that goes by the name of AngelWZR has posted a screenshot of Windows 8.1 build 9369, and apparently it packs in some new options that basically allows users to search the web using some newly released Charms.

Yes, more streamlined web searches, any time, any place.

As the image above shows, Microsoft has set up the option of allowing users to filter the results with the help up of a familiar “SafeSearch” tool that provides three different modes — Strict, Moderate and Off.

What is not clear, however, is whether Microsoft will make Google one of the available search engines in Windows 8.1. Bing, obviously, will most probably be the default choice for all users, this much is a given.

But chances are that other competing search engines will also make the cut. Same goes for search suggestions, but this obviously is an option that will depend on the search engine you configure in the options, as not all search engines provide this functionality.

Either way, the option is not yet active in the build — a sign that Microsoft is currently refining it.

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