One of the more interesting of weeks for Microsoft, as the company not only released its financials for the first quarter of the year 2013, but also crossed some important milestones. While Windows Blue (or Windows 8.1) remained the talking point, there were several developments on other fronts as well.

Dare to find out what are the best stories of the week? Be my guest:

Product of the Week

It’s amazing to think that a thing which we have absolutely no confirmation of has taken so many headlines these past few days. Reports came in that Microsoft was knee-deep into a Windows-powered smart watch project. The latest on this is that Redmond is actually testing prototypes. Dare to innovate!

Promise of the Week

While a lot of Microsoft partners may have forsaken the Windows RT platform, Dell it seems still believes in the platform. The company has promised new RT devices in the near future, and believes that good times for Windows on ARM are just around the corner. Dare to commit!

Milestone of the Week

No surprises here. Microsoft rolled out several promotions for Windows Store recently, from handing out free virtual VISA cards worth $100 to holding AppFest coding marathons around the world. The end result is that the apps repository crossed the 60,000 apps milestone this week. Dare to develop!

Request of the Week

Can we please stop criticizing CEO Steve Ballmer? That is what one analyst suggests to the technology world. The head of Microsoft has been under the hammer for a good few months now, but this analyst believes that Ballmer has done a lot of good as well. Dare to be different!

Vision of the Week

Intel is getting a bit restless with the ARM invasion (at least on tablets and convertible notebooks) while its Atom platform is left gathering dust, even though it offers support for x86. The chip giant hopes to see a new future where Intel powered Windows 8 devices retail for as low as $200. Dare to dream!

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