One of those weeks that started great, but finished with aplomb. Microsoft was expected to complete the Nokia takeover deal, however, the company also decided to reveal its quarterly earnings. The onset of the week, however, was filled with details about the next Windows 8.1 Update and the Start Menu.

Here are the highlights of this action packed week:

Update of the Week

This new policy of regular updates to Microsoft software is, shall we say, delightfully amazing. There is talk that the company is preparing another refresh of Windows 8.1 Update in August, and the chief guest of this update is the long anticipated Start Menu. Redesigned, maybe, but anticipated.

Statistics of the Week

It is always something special when you have an active ecosystem, and they don’t get more active than Windows Phone, brother. Over 1 million users are said to have deployed the developer preview flavor of the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1. Developer preview, brother.

Miscue of the Week

Rich governments, poor governments. The Chinese authorities proved themselves to be quite bit thrifty, when they officially declared that Windows 8 is much too expensive for them, and instead they plan on sticking with Windows XP for the foreseeable future. Makes one wonder how long foreseeable is?

Finalization of the Week

It was a long time coming, with a couple of extra hiccups. But Microsoft have officially taken over Nokia’s devices and services unit, and along with it, some 25,000 employees. A couple of compromises had to be made, pertaining to factories in South Korea and India, but such is life.

Results of the Week

The first quarter of a year, more often than not is unexciting and routine for most companies. Technology companies in particular. Redmond revealed the financial results for fiscal quarter Q3 2014, and even though profits were down a bit, but sales held strong, with growth in most areas.

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  • Wayne S

    I love these weekly reviews. I was busy this week, but I’m happy I can come here Friday afternoon and catch up! Thanks, guys.

  • Emily Williams

    Great coverage as always by the writers here. Keep it up and have a great weekend! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on Microsoft’s quarterly reports moving forward.

  • Jake

    Nice stat of the week. Over 1 million users on the preview. Good news for 8.1. Have a nice weekend everyone. See you on monday.