This was a week that started well for Microsoft but ended even better. The company finally announced its intention to bring the Surface tablets to several key markets around the globe, including Europe. It capped off by an important verdict in its favor for a patent litigation it had been fighting with Motorola.

Here is a selection of some of the most interesting stories:

Ruling of the Week

The biggest story of the week was left till the very last weekday. Motorola had locked horns with Microsoft over several patents it owned, and claimed a ridiculous amount that totaled $4 billion per year. Well, the court had other ideas, ruling the case in Microsoft’s favor. Sanity has finally returned.

Demand of the Week

The fresh new Microsoft of today sure does pay attention to what its users are saying. Take the customized versions of Surface slates in China, for instance. The head of the Surface division was quoted as saying that Microsoft is ready to deliver whatever the public demands. Send in your demands, people.

Statistic of the Week

There are some that live by Windows-based tablets, and others that think the platform is a long way off from making a mark in the tablet domain. Both parties were treated to the latest statistics for the first quarter of the year, showing that Windows-powered tablets now make up 7.5 percent of the market.

Downtime of the Week

The ever-popular Skype has witnessed an increase in users these past few weeks as Microsoft pulled the plug off of Windows Live Messenger and transferred the users to the VoIP platform. Unfortunately, the platform suffered from downtime this week due to log in issues for Microsoft Account users.

Result of the Week

Microsoft has spared no expense when it comes to its anti-Google Scroogled campaign, bringing to light what it believes are unfair practices by the search engine giant. The latest version of the campaign targeting Android apps has brought results, it seems, with Google said to be revamping user privacy.

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