Another glorious week for Microsoft comes to an end, and it sure was full of things that make the technology world go around. You know, stuff like declining market share statistics, lingering lawsuit wins, hints about upcoming products, and well, surprise security patches for retired operating systems.

The highlights and lowlights of the week:

Codename of the Week

I’d wager that codenames are free from copyright tangles, as first it was NVIDIA that named its Tegra 3 processor Kal-El, and now Nokia have gone one up. Superman is said to be the codename of Microsoft’s first smartphone after acquiring the Finnish company, and it sports a magnificent front camera.

Statistics of the Week

Not exactly damning, but none too bright some numbers either. Windows Phone just came out from a tough quarter, particularly in Europe, where it has started to fade. The mobile platform dipped several degrees in some of the major markets in the Old Continent, and we all know why.

Comment of the Week

Now admittedly, a large chunk of the Linux and open source community can easily find their way around code. No surprises, then, that proprietary software is not something they are overly keen on. The Free Software Foundation took some serious jabs at Redmond, terming all Microsoft software as malware.

Feature of the Week

Cortana is, for lack of a better word, the most amazing new feature on Windows Phone in years, and Microsoft appears to have taken the first steps in bringing the digital voice assistant on the Windows platform by making Bing Smart Search on Windows 8.1 even smarter. First steps, indeed.

Patch of the Week

Big bad Microsoft! The software titan pulled off a sweet surprise when it quickly released a fix for a critical Internet Explorer flaw, without waiting for the Patch Tuesday update cycle. Better yet, a patch for the recently retired Windows XP was also released, to the delight of the community, I am sure.

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