Week In Review (Aug 19 – Aug 23)

What a momentous ending to a momentous week! The day started with rumors about Redmond signing off the final RTM build of Windows 8.1, but this important news was overshadowed (understatement) by CEO Steve Ballmer making official his retirement plans.

Irrespective of that, here are some other earth shattering stories of the week:

Nuclear Explosion of the Week

It was only last week that Microsoft officially announced it will be launching Windows 8.1 on October 18, but it seems like an eternity now. The technology world is talking about Steve Ballmer’s retirement, and more importantly who exactly will emerge as the new face of the Redmond Empire.

Gossip of the Week

Windows 8.1 is almost ready to take flight. Word is that Microsoft has signed off the final RTM version of the upcoming operating system, and all the major development work is now complete. The software titan will reportedly be shipping the OS over to its OEM partners any moment now.

Show Off of the Week

Samsung may be the biggest name that comes to mind when it comes to consumer electronics, but other companies in the Far East are not far behind when it comes to innovation. LG, for example, recently showed of its Quad HD (2560 by 1600 pixels) mobile display. Want!

Ad of the Week

It does not happen as often as it needs to, but Microsoft actually released two absolutely great commercials within the span of a week. You can hunt out the first one yourself, but this second one is an early contender for the technology ad of the year. You go, Microsoft!

Reaffirmation of the Week

HTC is one Windows Phone partner that does not have a particular agenda of its own. While Samsung’s Windows Phone efforts may be halfhearted for a reason, HTC was rumored to be planning to quit the party. Luckily, a company official was quick to lay these murmuring to rest.