If this week can be summed up in one buzzword, it would be damage control. Actually, these are two buzzwords, but Microsoft seemed to be in cautious mood recently. From talks of an unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 4 to claims of antitrust violations in China, to a homegrown, wait for it, mobile OS.

A discussion of these, and some other highlights of the week:

Downer of the Week

What do you call bad news that arrives at the start of a week? Bad news, of course. Huawei gave us one by revealing that they have put their Windows Phone plans on hold for the foreseeable future. How convenient. Android, it is, then, for the Chinese company. Android and nothing but.

Claim of the Week

Either the Chinese government officials have some solid inside information, or they are just beating around the bush to find an opening. Either way, the antitrust regulators now claim that Microsoft have not been transparent with regards to sales data. Investigation continuing at breakneck speed.

Overwhelm of the Week

A 95% share in anything is devastatingly powerful. A 95% share that is continually increasing is borderline lethal. Microsoft Mobile now owns this much of the Windows Phone ecosystem, and though new entrants have announced fresh handsets, things probably will worsen before they get any better.

Eclipse of the Week

Not exactly solar or lunar in nature, this one is ceremonial in the sense that Microsoft’s modern operating systems, combined, now have more users than Windows XP. Oh well, not everything can be lightning fast in this here world. User bases need time to expand and ebb.

Policy of the Week

Extermination. Annihilation. Confiscation. Redmond has finally started to remove fake, spam and scam Windows 8.1 applications from the Windows Store. The company still sees most of these apps in blameless light, but is willing to compensate users that feel they have been tricked into downloading.

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  • Abe Lincoln

    Well written wrap-up Fahad. I enjoy catching up on news in the Tech world after a busy week, and this is perfect for it. Bravo.

  • Mario29

    Busy week for Microsoft as per usual. Way to stay on top of all this!

  • DK

    Nice review of everything I missed last week with authentic headlines. Concise and to the point. I like it a lot.