No prizes at all for guessing what the top story for the week is, none whatsoever. CEO Satya Nadella jolted the technology world by announcing Microsoft’s biggest ever layoff in history, sending home a total of 18,000 employees in one go. Oh, and there was the small matter of the WPC 2014 too.

A dash of the big stories from the past few days:

Gloom of the Week

Everyone and their pet animals knew they were coming, some were happy, others waited with abated breath. And then the layoffs became official. In one fell swoop, Microsoft announced that more than 14% of its workforce is to be let go within the span of a year. How is that for a job cut?

Strategy of the Week

If you can’t beat them, join them. The platform battles are entering their decisive phase, and Microsoft is not afraid to turn up the heat when it comes to pricing. The company confirmed plans for $99 tablets and $250 laptops in a move that is sure to please consumers that love budget devices.

Delay of the Week

It is good that the next Intel microarchitecture is codenamed Skylake. Because things really have not gone well for both Haswell and Broadwell. After the setbacks of the desktop and mobile Broadwell CPUs, there is now news that the Core M line is also pushed back by a few months.

Arrival of the Week

Anticipated eyes awaited the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1, and with the official confirmation that the new OS is here, anticipated eyes still are waiting for update notifications. Luckily, there are reports from around the globe that the Lumia Cyan update is flying onto handsets. Only a matter of time, then.

Discontinuation of the Week

The Nokia X line of Android devices launched earlier this year with appropriate fanfare, but months in, Redmond has pulled the plug. Instead, the company plans to focus on the Windows Phone platform, and will announce more affordable handsets powered by its mobile OS. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

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  • Genie

    Nice review Fahad. It seems like every week Microsoft is making more and more headlines. Not always good news, but they say no publicity is bad publicity, so good for them.