Week In Review (Jul 21 – Jul 25)
Week In Review

Week In Review (Jul 21 – Jul 25)

July 22 was the big day this week. Microsoft announced the quarterly earnings, and although the company took hits in a few areas, performance, more or less was encouraging in the fields that mattered. The rest of the week was filled with product announcements, one may be inclined to say.

Here are some of the more notable ones:

Battle of the Week

Redmond is going all guns blazing as it tries to take on the increasingly popular Chromebooks. These Chrome OS devices now make up 35% of business to business notebook sales in the United States. And Microsoft is now ready to counter these with highly affordable Windows 8.1 based alternatives.

Product of the Week

Microsoft Mobile have just unveiled a potential superstar. The Nokia Lumia 530 may be the most affordable Lumia branded smartphone ever, but it still packs a punch in hardware and software. All signs point to this being a certified hit around the globe, much like its predecessor, the Lumia 520.

Invention of the Week

Most inventions are taking two and two together, and creating four. That does not make them any less interesting, but the way computing technology is heading, expect many such creativities in the future. Creativities like these smartshoes that guide you to your destination.

Threat of the Week

The problem with software is that it is much easier to move away from a given platform. Sure, it takes time and effort, but there is no shortage of available alternatives. And this is what Russia is planning, with news that the government wants to break away from US based software and hardware.

Milestone of the Week

It has been a long journey from when the first apps started to appear on the Windows Store, to this week when the apps repository crossed the milestone of 170,000 unique applications. In the safe zone now, but more quality and more quantity please, to get into a position of dominance.