Man, what an offbeat week, what an offbeat week, indeed. Nothing major from Microsoft apart from a new hiring, a new board member. But the company itself could not have foreseen some of the events, including a much unexpected raid in China on four of its local offices.

Here are some occurrences from the past few days:

Comment of the Week

What better way to start this list than with a controversy? Robert Scoble, the former Microsoft evangelist fired off a curious statement that Redmond should officially give up on Windows Phone, and go the Android route. Full time. No comments necessary, I guess.

Cleanup of the Week

Another tidy comment, this time from an analyst who is of the opinion that Satya Nadella is actually cleaning up the mess that former CEO Steve Ballmer left behind. This is a process that will continue for another year or so. An unpleasant necessity, if you will. No comments needed, here too.

Braking of the Week

Things were going rather swell for the Windows Phone platform, this time last year. New flagships built momentum, and the outlook was positive. All that changed with the Windows Phone 8.1 delay, and as a result, the platform has decelerated to the lows of just a 2.7% share of the smartphone pie.

Labeling of the Week

Continuing the oddities of these past few days, is the report that Windows 8.1 Update 2 actually goes by the name of ‘August Update’. It is remarkable just how often Redmond refreshes naming schemes for two of its operating platforms. Windows 8.1, Update 1, GDR1, and now this. Plus, the Azure alteration.

Leak of the Week

If you thought all we had was odd or gloomy news, then think again! HTC is gearing up to unleash a new Windows Phone flagship. Finally. Going by the okay name of HTC One W8, we just got our first look at a leaked press render of the anticipated smartphone, thanks to some slothful souls at Verizon.

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  1. Really nice wrap-up Fahad. Great work here, and a busy week from Microsoft as always. Have a great weekend!

  2. So the glass is half empty? I guess it what you choose to report and your opinion of those stories that fill the bottom of this glass. Your comment of the week, is my irrelevance of the week, the sun shines and my glass is half full. To each their own view. Smile everything is OK.

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