After unleashing the Windows 8.1 Preview towards the public late last month, Microsoft has been busy collecting bug reports and sorting out issues with its upcoming operating system. In between that the company has been planning adjustments and retirement packages for its current and former workers.

Here is a selection of the biggest Microsoft moments for the week:

Roadmap of the Week

So important is Skype for Redmond that it has already charted out a pretty extensive future strategy for the world’s most popular VoIP service. The company detailed its Skype roadmap earlier this week that reveals increased focus on performance, enhanced video quality and UI improvements.

Ruling of the Week

Europe and Microsoft go a long way back. The software titan has traditionally had it tough in the Old Continent between hefty fines and trademark violations. After losing out on the Metro trademark for Windows 8, the company had a UK court rule against it in a SkyDrive trademark dispute.

Story of the Week

Surface Pro fans were pleased to hear that Microsoft was readying a 256GB model of its flagship tablet that is set to be available in just a few days. Storage has been a concern for some Surface Pro power users, even with SD card expandability, and this ease the storage capacity concerns.

Shut Down of the Week

Microsoft has been quick to pull the plug off of a lot of products and services this past year or so. Maybe it is part of the larger devices-and-services-company game, maybe it is something else, but the company recently announced its decision to shut down its popular TechNet Subscription Service.

Milestone of the Week

There is no bigger news for fans of Windows 8, than the confirmation that Windows Store had hit the vitally important milestone of 100,000 unique apps. The apps repository set the impressive record at the start of the month, and the only way from here is up, both in terms of quality and quantity.

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