The big story of the week was supposed to be the Surface Pro 3 launch, and rightly so, it was. Prior to all the hustle and flow of release, were several news bits like a Chinese misadventure, patches behaving badly, share price surges, and new hardware and app announcements.

The biggest bits, or rather bytes, of the week:

Requite of the Week

Microsoft has handled the Chinese affair rather amicably, which is unsurprising, keeping in mind just how important the market is. But hot on the heels of the Windows 8 ban, and development of a Linux alternative, comes the news that China made public the secret list of Microsoft’s Android patents.

Position of the Week

The United Kingdom may be one of the more important markets for Microsoft, but it still remains a mainstay for the fading BlackBerry. Latest numbers reveal that the Windows Phone platform is in fourth position in the region. Somewhat surprising, considering all the progress Redmond has made in mobile.

Product of the Week

Who will watch the watchmen? In this case, what will charge the charger? Nokia (or rather, Microsoft Mobile) have created a new category of wearables, with the unveiling of a trouser that wireless charges smartphones. Fashionable technology, or technically fashionable? You be the judge.

Surge of the Week

It is not all that often that we hear financial stories relating to Microsoft, but this is starting to change. A new regime, some new strategies, a few impressive successes, and here we are with company shares now trading well over $41 apiece. Additionally, the Office division has now taken the lead in revenue.

Return of the Week

Redmond might frown on source code leaks, but the company is pretty okay with an occasional outflow of information, screenshots and all that good stuff. WZOR, perhaps the biggest name on the scene, went underground for protective reasons, but now there is word that the group is reactivating itself.

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