A curious week for Microsoft, one with setbacks, bans and bugs aplenty. In fact, you would have to think real hard to point to a more downbeat one in recent memory. From a few bans in China to governments planning to switch top open source, to cancelled tablets and WiFi issues, and declining market shares.

The highlights from the past few days:

Cancellation of the Week

After the shocking last minute cancellation of the Surface Mini, rumors are circulating that Redmond has negated plans for release permanently. Part of that may be because of the positive reception of the Surface Pro 3 with its large screen, part of it due to intense competition in the smaller tablet market.

Switch of the Week

The thing with governments making such large scale switch is that local companies tend to follow suit. South Korea has become the latest country that has made public plans to switch to open source by 2020, with a pilot program ready to be initiated. Totally worth keeping an eye on, this.

Misfortune of the Week

Statistics never tell the full story, and Microsoft’s modern platforms may mount a heavy comeback with the Back to School season approaching, but in the meantime Windows 8 posted some negative numbers for the month of June. Even Windows 2000 did better in terms of percentage points.

Ban of the Week

What is the difference between a ban and a block? I am sure the Chinese government can answer that. Alongside reports that the country had blocked the OneDrive service for users, there was also talk that the Office productivity suite has become a forbidden product. Microsoft denies it, though.

Assault of the Week

The onslaught of fake and low quality spam apps continues on the Windows Store. Although Redmond has done a good job of weeding these up lately, and the overall quality of apps has increased overall, but a few stinkers have once again made their way through. Mac OS for Windows, anyone?

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